Residence O Istanbul, Turkey 2012

The masonry, three level private residence is located along the Bosphorus Canal, an extremely sensitive building zone that requires by code all new construction to be limited to the area, height, and facade openings as the original structure which occupied the site. The interior spaces are organized to take advantage of the stunning view of the Bosphorus Bridge and European side of Istanbul's coastline, while subtle integration of sustainable systems and strategies (integrated solar PV panels, a rainwater collection system, on-site waste-water treatment, and passive ventilation openings) work to lessen the home's impact on the environment and improve the quality of the living spaces.

View of house from upper parking terrace


BEY-LSCP-012 Model

Site Plan


Terrace Level


BEY-ATL_exterior002 BEY-ATL_exterior001

The secondary building (pictured above) consists of a robust steel structure that supports an open parking deck accessible from street level, and provides ample enclosure for a small studio space at the garden level below. The studio space is designed to take advantage of the panoramic view of the Bosphorus Bridge through its generous glazed openings. Reclaimed telephone poles were milled for use as an open-joint facade, while all steel elements and furnishings were designed and manufactured in-house.